About Us

Our Story.

The used book markets of Hyderabad are close to our hearts. Our memories of it are united by nostalgia. Memories of that distinctly pleasant smell, the crackle of hundreds of pages turning, and the pure delight of finding that one unexpected but perfect book are shared by all of us. We are certain that there are countless people who share similar memories. 

 In today’s busy lifestyle, fewer and fewer are visiting these treasure troves. With school, work and other time commitments, it has become more difficult to travel large distances to buy a book. 

Which is why we created BooksPUD. We want to share our nostalgia and joy with you. It has become our mission to deliver not just a book but also the memories and joy attached to the process to your doorstep. We want you to indulge in those perfect books despite all those time commitments.


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Our Promise.